Sunday, June 6, 2010

Repetition in 3/4 time

Empty lines-
Now there are not enough notes-
and I am missing notes-
I am missing your notes
too much time passing
two, three, four, five
too much, much, too much
and I am missing my notes
I am, missing,
I am missing my-
waiting, waiting, waiting,
resting, resting, resting,
enough rest for a pillow
give me the sound-
Recitative, recess and heave-
I am declaimed in your rhythm,
but the rhythm has not declined,
the metronome is ticking,
time, bomb, ticking, time,
ticking, ticking, ticking
ticking time,
ticking time bomb,
time has bombed,
time has exploded
the sound is dead
there is death
death in the sound
dead sound
into sound, there
it is the dull hum

the vibration.

where have you been?


  1. I once knew a young and immature person who swore that repetition had no place in poetry, but I couldn't disagree more.

    Repetition, not just in poetry, is the best way to re-affirm something.

    But look who's talking...

  2. I'm sorry, could you repeat what you just said, I didn't catch it... ;)


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