Thursday, July 7, 2011

in dreams

In my dreams I am the fictional version of myself.

The one I seek to be in my short-stories and prose.

The one who gets her point across but in a more colorful way,

who experiences newness for the sake of transcending the old,

beautiful settings that fall from the sky and say to me

"live here, now", and "live away from there"

I see her sometimes, when she writes herself differently

she's clever and bemused and pitiless.

she's an orphan with a great aunt who is

a millionaire who steals her away from poverty-

but that's someone else, it isn't me.

or is it?


  1. I think it is what we see in our dreams; that we write in our pages. Nice poem Amy :)

    Btw, it is your suggested prompt at Haiku Heights this time. Haven't seen you yet. Do share your piece with us too.

  2. WOW! you are n amazing poet! absolutely loved it!

  3. I loved the last few sentences especially fabulous

  4. that is a cool story! love the metapoetry!

  5. Hmmm... this goes hand in hand with an old quote: "You are what you 'think' you are"
    Lovely prose, thanks for visiting me.

  6. I like the phrase "steals her away from poverty." There's a double meaning in that, and people often become millionaires by stealing or swindling. I think you're better off as the actual you -- a good writer.

  7. Very nice! I often say to someone who reads my work that knows me, oh no it is just a poem. But really I am in there somewhere. Well done.

  8. brilliant.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. We dwell within everything we write, but especially when it comes from the spirit, like your piece does.


  10. thanks for your great thoughts guys!

  11. I love it, "she's an orphan with a great aunt"........lovely taking these flights of fancy. Well done, kiddo!

  12. lovely write. I believe there is a part of us in everything we write. thx for stopping by my blog. it ws great seeing you there.

  13. Lovely and makes one ponder ....thank you

  14. Clever write! A million thoughts :)

  15. A lovely write!

  16. Definitely food for thought !
    And it has been said that poetry/prose mirrors reality ...


  17. Beautiful.... lovely imagination...

  18. Well Done I loved it, especially your ending, so novel like :D


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