Thursday, October 21, 2010

For the unlovely

I am the palm touching my cheek,
and hiding my face,
I am dead nerve endings--pulsating alive again,
I am the little girl who cuddles vicious, heat-struck
malamutes and singing, oblivious, clinging to them
nuzzling --giving too much love--accidentally
stepping on their tails--too close to their open jaws-
Oh, friendly beast, love me too for the moment,
meet this challenge, be the only one who can do it,
I am the blood congealing,
I am the sorry yellow napkin,
I am the old woman's wringing hands
I am the doctor's crooked stitch
Now I am,
a faded scar, I am no pain, but a
constant reminder,
Look at me, friends and foes,
I am the one who cares,
but I am the one you say
"this is a who-cares-you
You stupid girl, you clumsy thing,
stop giving so much.
I am the love you reserve for those
who don't deserve you.
I am the love reserved
for the unlovely.

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