Thursday, June 23, 2011

in tact

sex object. not afraid of the words.
I've used many objects for the sake of sex.
in fact my body has been pretty disposable-
I don't really mind it being used as
an "it" or a "thing" or a "that"
I've been cataloged and numbered-
like a returned book.
none of this is new to me.

but when my mind becomes saturated
with the secret darkness of manipulation
and it is slimy with half-truths
and unbelievably trite poetics.

forgive me, but this I will not stand for.
use me up and leave me out in heat.

but leave my poor mind, in tact.


  1. The mind is the most important sex organ we have.

    (Ever heard of a mind-fuck?) ;)

  2. Interesting perspective the disconnection of mind and body to keep some salvation. Evocative write ~ Rose

  3. I agree with Eric. A mind-fuck is just as important. I also agree that I am not bothered by my body being used as an it, or a thing. I find it powerfully stimulating to be "used" in a passionate need. Manipulated is another matter. Slimy half truths are sorry excuses for transparency. And now we've come full circle back to mind-fuck!

  4. Well done poem, and an interesting response to the prompt. Good one, Amy!

  5. So raw and open like a wound! I liked it :D

  6. Sad. The poor object is a witness to the baser qualities of humans. I like the way you've brought it out.

  7. I like the combination of emotions... How you seem relaxed with so much, but then really says 'enough' when someone tries to f*ck with your mind. Powerful read! I really like it!


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