Sunday, October 24, 2010

Welcome to the Jungle

Whisper breezy promises across my neck
I'll fall down like a delapidated wreck
No time left ticking with my hands,
Where comes my weakness nothing stands,

No Life's now a juggle of nothing and time
It's a jungle of rhyme--

And I give in knowing not how to handle it.
Remind me how I used to just groove and sandle it.

I'll go where no one ever goes
I'll traipse through the weeds as they graze my toes
Know that everyone thinks, and thinks everyone knows.
But no longer caring I'll turn up my nose.

I'll give in to the spiritual throes,
I'll set aside the habitual woes,

I'll file jagged teeth and smoothly gum-
this leathery undertaking, so easy to some.

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