Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Memoir of a Memoir:Week 2

This week has allowed me to get back in the swing of things to use a cliche that I adore. This particular cliche allows me to be vague with the word "things" but it also eludes to swinging. This could either mean that I am swinging from something, or that things, whatever they are, mean something because "they've got that swing". I could do this for the entire blog but I won't. I will give you what you came here for and that is an update on the progress of Seven Years.

Editing is coming to the forefront, as well as some new ideas in the mix. Experimentation has become my best friend. A nice long tackling of the subject matter has been good to me as well. No, well, my very best friend has also been my little/mini recorder. OK, it seems that I have been a busy girl with three best friends. But fear not, for they are all aware of each other, so there shouldn't be a brawl in the works. In fact, they all seem to work together rather nicely.

Experimentation has it's drawbacks. Every once and awhile I'll toy with a new idea, that makes me rethink the project in it's entirety. This leads me to go back and do a lot of editing, but then after several re-reads I remind myself of the task at hand.

Tackling said task, as I noted, of understanding the subject matter in it's entirety before moving forward, is difficult. It's tough. It's painful. It's something a crazy person would choose to do, and I have chosen to do it. One wonderful phoenix that has risen from the craziness: I know now that I really need to delve into some of the characters a little more. Really bring them out as full-fleshed human beings and not just clouds of thought over Mimi's head. That shall be the next struggle.

My little/mini recorder. I call her that because she is both little and mini, and I didn't want to sell her short in her description. She's wonderful. For one, she is a fantastic listener. She has the stamina to listen to me for hours. In the early morning, in the late evening, as long as she has her batteries she has given me lots of attention. It's been a real ego-boost.

I want to conclude by saying that humor is an essential part of this process. I like to make myself laugh with my writing and therefore keep it not so heavy. Much of it is dark, so the challenge has been to add the lighter elements to it to keep it more balanced, more like me.

Not that I'm balanced.

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