Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 7

Good morning

Because my eyes widened
in the middle of daylight
I must say good morning
to the indentation on your pillow.


shorter hair
and shorter glare
and shorter
yet sharper nails
out. My shins
have splinted
stomping my feet.
But with the first
spring breeze
I remember my
weakened knees
and I desire
to once again
be delicate
and feminine.


  1. oh, I really love the first one, so sad and affectionate.

    and this is my favorite line in the second: "my shins have splinted from stomping my feet." :-)

    I never know what to expect with you, and I freaking LOVE that. <3

  2. "indentation on your pillow" makes me sad and happy at the same time because when Darren's not here, it's sad, but when he's home, it's happy because I know he will be back later.

    I love the second one because that's EXACTLY how I felt today! Love "and I desire
    to once again
    be delicate
    and feminine."

  3. aw@ first bit. I know the feeling.

    I feel that way all of the time @ second bit.


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