Tuesday, July 5, 2011


stuck-wallpaper, tickled, matted-madness, in the morning before matinee

wallflowers at school dances just want to be asked. ask them.

they are not hired as scenery, they are not decoration-they are not meant

to just simply be looked at-they have names-and are to be known as-shining.

but also want to be respected for not toe-stepping, spot-light stealing, crown-wearing

modest. in-vanity is not a word, but it is a virtue.

don't accuse them of petty fears- if anything call them

misunderstood-just because others forget to give-just because

others forget that they once dreamed before they were asked-

who believed in the words of every fairy-story

when there were enough charming princes to go around

and they still remembered their blocking and their lines.


Small Stone:

rockets flew in our faces.

the rough caught fire.

I took the old woman's hand for protection-

she didn't want my help.


  1. 'Wallflowers' is beautifully written. Sticks in the heart of this wallflower.

  2. This was achingly beautiful - loved it.

    Thanks - el Mosk

  3. simply theme but draw many variate feeling.....

  4. Poignant and haunting writing. :)


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