Sunday, February 27, 2011

golden ghost

that's what it comes to
that's all they say it was.

golden boy meets silly girl
and he somehow took notice
of her smile and
of the sparkle in her cheek
he liked it-

but he began to act-
like the pink was in her eye.

then the girl was sad and still silly
so when he would send a letter,
she would send two,
and then
nothing would come.

so buried inside her sand castle
she went against the grain(s).
of time.
and he would wax poetic (in other girl's ears); while he burned
both ends

-where did she go?

he found her underneath the tree
nose in a book, he didn't write
he writhed, while the branches shook
his body became windy and
he wrapped around the tree-
he pushed her back down
into an earth(worm's). home.

she's such a silly cynic
center stage;
singing songs about a
golden ghost-
and his smutty, smelted heart.

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