Sunday, February 27, 2011


So, I'm a sympathetic.
But I've decided-
Sympathy is reckless.
A virtue; punishable.
Look at the kind of behavior that it influences.
I've decided to finally judge books by their covers,
or at least, take notice of how shoddy their binding is--
or at the very least, close the book at that exact moment of realization-hmm...some important pages are missing...

I've decided with the abolishment of
tangled telephone wire-I will
never again coil myself around
someone else's despair.
And I will continue to bear the burden of
transjudgementalism- sans my
unique however, "warped" viewpoint of
what I think cute and friendly are.
-and what "fuckable" is.

What is it about sympathy
that causes the big turnaround,
the initial one.
-that "ah-ha!" moment
like they've struck oil
and then turn crude.
Years of spilling over,
and trickling down,
and painting the floor,
and just wallowing there
like a puddle?
-oh those poor children,
we'll call them men for the moment,
hound-dog you, the second turn around-
3 circles before sitting at your feet,
when they realize they are not
a fraction of what you are.
Even though you are just a fraction
Even though you are just collected
doll-parts that makes a girl:


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