Thursday, June 23, 2011

ferris wheel

at the carnival again-

they promised me a ride-

walking by the Ferris wheel
I see the pile of lost limbs
paid for such an "economical"

I ignore them-

mother told me she was afraid
of the Ferris wheel, she doesn't
like to get stuck at the top-
although she never does like a
"come-down" very much.

her worries are tight laces-

they hold my shoes on-

I like getting stuck at the top,
when else does machinery agree
with me, and my need to see
everything all at once?


  1. Love that finale! (Try a roller coaster!)

  2. hah, my husband takes me on those against my will, hows that for a metaphor? LOL.

  3. I love the line, "her worries are tight laces" true~ Well Done!!!

  4. Hard to be contained when one expands the horizon. Well written.

  5. "her worries are tight laces". Very creative!


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