Thursday, July 28, 2011

blade of grass

Tickling toes-
there was something about
that barefooted madness
something about that wistful
waist-high wishing and wooshing
in the woods,

Running to the water,
Running from the sand.

One always dreams of brighter skies
when toes are tickled-
but when hitting the water-
one always feels they
are just a blade of grass.


  1. Even i like my toes being tickled by grass. It's a pleasurable sensation. Well written.

  2. Always pleased to read your work, always much more than "just" a blade of grass. Nicely written indeed.

  3. When you truly do feel nature, you realise just what a marvel it all really is.

  4. The feel of the grass on bare feet seemingly ticklish tells me of the reality of life. It touches on and signals 'feel' directly to the person. Great!

  5. Wouldn't the world be wonderful if we could go about barefoot everywhere within it? Nice one!

  6. Perfect, and sweet.

  7. Nicely done, I love the 'barefooted madness'. :-)

  8. Amy, loved your barefooted feel of the entire poem, the abandon with which you wrote. Sand, grass, ground... hell, even gravel I do barefoot! But nature is the best place to hang one's tootsies. Here is my Grass poem:
    Peace and a run through the blades, Amy

  9. aw crap - that means i left my comment on the wrong entry before! anyway, this is a very relaxing piece, neatly put together as always.

    now, where was i - oh yeah, cards? cluedo? coffee?

    *hands them around and glances over at the distant gates of lj*

    looks like rain i see...

  10. This is quite lovely - with a feeling wistful joy...bkm

  11. wow, thanks to all my friends who posted!! you are all lovely people.

  12. I kind of went that carefree way! I loved you added the tall grass and grit!

  13. Written with a light and airy grace worthy of a subject dependant on light and air.


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