Friday, July 1, 2011

Dear Diary:

The one day that I am home sick is the one day
that everyone goes on a balloon ride. Just my luck. You know, it's funny how they always seems to save up those days of blissful perfection for when I am not around. All I am ever privy to is the struggle and the hard-work that gets them the funds to be able to have outings like this one.
But, no matter--I guess I can just take a vacation day or two-go skydiving or something much more exciting than a stupid balloon ride. Or I could just take another personal day, catch up on my soaps. Much better than riding in a balloon with a bunch of assholes.


  1. Sad for you, but take this solitude and create something beautiful out of it. Write, create, dance something for your spirit. Let it don't need a damn balloon to do that~
    I know it hurts; I have missed out on some magical experiences, but find a way to please your soul!xXx

  2. oh satire, you've failed me again.


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