Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day 11


The awkward tomboy within me
hides in the balls of my feet.
Itching, rising up my leg
begging for a scratch.
"Oh, say something, please,
don't be so polite!"
It's because I am once
again trampled by a
little girl with
petty, perfect, pink
nails, and I had forgotten
to "pedi" at all.


  1. I really love when you do poems about girls and how there are two sides to every one. Love it.

  2. <3 I can't help but write about myself. haha.

  3. Ah yes... I vacillate between periods of extreme girliness and passages of total practicality. I'll have perfectly painted toes for months, then eschew all color because yoga and pilates just chip it up anyway. The mood shows on the toes!

  4. I love how you covered the topic and never mentioned it. This was an excellent read.

    Henry Clemmons (Walk Away)

  5. That's what I'm good for, Kid. hahaha.

    Thanks Kim!

  6. I like how you summed up this mood~ Well Done


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