Thursday, April 21, 2011

Oh Boy!

I was just awarded the Stylish Blogger Award!
(awarded by John Evans)

I was asked to write 7 things about myself,and to award 10 other blogs.
Thankfully I know many stylish bloggers, and fantastic writers:

First the awards!

# 1:
a talented poet who goes by the name Buddah Moskowitz, gave me the (surprise), honor, and privilege of being one of the many talented poets featured on his other site Virtual Poetry Reading. I am also fortunate to now call him a friend. The man claims to "hate" poetry, but he is just so darn good at it!
# 2:
another talented poet, who coincidentally has a very stylish blog, the lovely Regina. I am indebted to this lady for intentionally or unintentionally inspiring much of the growth my poetry has seen in the past 2 years. Her creative works are never dull, and always humbling.
# 3:
I could never forget my forget my friend Dana Leah. A thoughtful, creative, passionate, and talented lady, she is one of the few people I know who lives the way she writes. I am lucky to know her.<3
# 4:
Rosemary Nissen-Wade is an absolute gem. She is brimming with wisdom and insight. Her works are intriguing and invaluable to any budding or seasoned poet.
# 5:
By a funny lady, and an haiku artist, Dear [You], ... [Greetings,] Me is a fun, and interesting take on her life's triumphs and struggles.
# 6:
OK, so technically this is a livejournal, but it cannot be missed. Blaire has the market cornered on slam poetry as a 21st century confessional poet. Even when I am feeling unseemly,and raging, Blaire comes along and blows me out of the water. A must read.
# 7:
Another great voice, full of experience, is Amy Barlow Liberatore.
Great writer. Great thinker.

the newest editions to my list:

# 8: Michele Spector. From what I see she has not been nominated for this award yet, and I think it's in order. Great voice!
# 9: Teri Casper I dig it. Cool blog, Cool art, Cool poetry!
# 10: Rekha Seshadri So many interesting insights. Gets my gears turning!

oh...and as for me...

1 I have 3 chapters of a novel hidden on an old dell laptop-haven't touched them since 2006...
2 I am currently attempting to be more active in my church after a slight hiatus.
I've recently joined the church book club and am now reading a book called
On A Someday (a book about a lady who finally gets around to finishing her novel.
Thanks God.)
3 I'm 28. Just in case there was any confusion.
4 I'm married. I like to say that after I say I'm 28, so there is less confusion about my age. my aging process is stunted by about 5 years... I think the count is
now...someone told me recently that I look 23, which is 2 years older than I looked last year. Pretty amazing stuff. Did I mention I'm married?
5 I have a sense of humor and have a hard time with those who do not. Surprising?
6 I had the same cat for 20 years. We had her put down last summer.
Was a strange day for me. Miss you, old friend.
7 I have only had my poetry published on one website. I have a stack of rejection emails to prove it.

Now I am off to alert my prize winners! *skip*


  1. If there's one thing Buddah AND Amy have is STYLE with a CAPITAL ESSSSSS..

    Congratulations to both and to you for your impeccable taste... now get that novel going now that you've outed yourself!

  2. Lol, I love how you've commented in lieu of their absence. yes, I have outed myself haven't I...

  3. Congrats to you on receiving the award and thank you for passing it on to me. I am going to check out some of the bloggers you have mentioned here...hope to see you around. :)

  4. of course! keep doin' what you do!

  5. How exciting to be awarded, and also to be told about other exciting boggers. ( I already knew about you. :-D And must agree with you about Regina and Amy B L, whom I also knew already. )

    Congratulations and thank you.

  6. of course, Rosemary. the least I could do.

  7. Congratulations!...and thanks for visiting my blog. What a blessing to have a beloved pet for 20 years. We love our cat, too.
    Take care,

  8. thank you Judy! the pleasure is mine.

  9. Blushing, blushing, almost spritzing a bit, but definitely kvelling...

    Thank you for this honor. Thanks also for spotlighting Buddah's project, since that's where I first found your work, at

    Pearl Girl, you rock!
    Here's one from today:

  10. Oh dear, I am very embarrassed. I was cleaning out my mailbox and noticed this award. Life has been a lot crazy for the past few weeks.
    THANK YOU so much, so sweet of you!!!!!


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