Monday, April 25, 2011


I was just awarded the Perfect Poet Award from Promising Poet's Cafe/Jingle Poetry.

I'm excited, I want to nominate everybody but I can only nominate current participants who haven't already been nominated, so...

I nominate Eileen T O'Neill

With Easter and the network being down at work today, I am once again 2 days behind for napowrimo. I hope to catch up tonight.

in the meantime here is a poem I posted recently in a community I created

"identity found"


still stuck in this crisis of identity
not sure if I am the bird of if I am the tree-
if I am the bird, I do not plainly see-
why I must always retreat back to the tree.

If I were a bird, wouldn't I flee?
wouldn't I rise above the headwinds pushing on me?
If I am a bird, I cannot find a home in the sea
and so I retreat back to the tree.

please tell me
because I cannot see
am I the bird or if am I the tree?

for I must be
not brittle and tiny
not flighty
like a flea
but strong like a cedar knee,
knocking branches that do not agree
heightened, prideful, majesty,
if I am the tree-

how then can it be
the roots are not enough for me-
that this "being akin with the dirt", does not become me?
that I must float a little higher to feel free
or happy.

so tell me,
am I the bird or am I the tree?


  1. Congratulations you talented woman!

  2. Thanks for the acceptance,
    beautiful piece to go with it.

  3. congrats. and the dilemma of knowing and unknowing. hope you do well.

  4. Very interesting ponder there.. Love this..

  5. thanks Jennirey and Paulami for the read and encouragement :)


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