Friday, May 27, 2011

John Wayne

two squinting painted eyes
looking solemn on a leathery face.

this knight of the golden age
has a 20 gallon bucket of a hat
atop his slicked-back coif.
what thoughts hide under there?

no matter,
with muscular thighs squeezing the stomach,
of a well-groomed,
well tanned,
Hollywood horse.
with his pink silk shirt,
and his leather vest
and his neckerchief to one side,
and one fist asserting dismay
while grazing the hip-pocket
of his leather pants,

he is a manly figure.


  1. you have brought the character to life.
    vivid description,
    enjoyed it.

  2. You have really captured the photo with words. Wonderful job!

  3. You've captured the essence of the man in a well crafted poem ! Well done !
    And thanks for popping by my blog !

  4. John Wayne seems to be a popular subject to derive from this prompt. I'm no expert but why have I seen nothing of Clint Eastwood in these tales. :-D (Laughing) A brilliant write and very fitting of the prompt.

  5. I liked your take on the photo, your very descriptive observations.
    no matter, indeed!! :-)

  6. I really enjoyed how you captured the character in the image

  7. It is John on the picture, the icon of cowboy movies, and you decribed him very well here :)


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