Tuesday, August 2, 2011

where I went

and now that the anger is gone

there may be a few more glimpses
like looking out of the window
through a thin veil of silk.

a look into what may or may not
have been the flicker of a candle
the shadow of it's smoke or quite
possibly the drapery catching fire.

Something called for a new home
if it wasn't the fact that this
one had burned down then why
the packed suitcase?

I just might finally leave a note
that maps out my escape route
this time-but I did so enjoy
the mystery of my new self
and others not knowing where
I went.


  1. Love the last stanza-can completely relate :)

  2. I agree I love the last stanza, powerful emotional writing

  3. really like this one. speaks to me. nice blog you have here, keep up the super work. i'll be back. :)

  4. The best part of the self is that is completely malleable. Make something new.

    Loved it. - moskowitz

  5. way to go,

    lovely sentiments shared, love your blog and poetry style.

  6. interesting, very interesting. Really enjoyed!

  7. Your journey is not alone.
    Very well done.
    Perhaps we will meet along the way.

  8. God I love that last stanza and the title. and I happen to agree with you...I like when others don't know where I went. :) x


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