Friday, May 25, 2012

riches to rags

i once wrote on the tops of trees, i shouldn't have, it was dangerous. swaying, swaying, swaying, dizzying. they say you should only write on what you know, so try to find inspiration in the bottoms of barrels. they say avoid comma splices, and not finishing, a line they say never misspell anything. the rest is all relative. they say "I have grey hair, and there- fore I know more, and know what for!" they say avoid repetition, well they used to say that, but everyone knows that every ten years the new "they's" come out to play-and then the rules change. make sure you read up on this. they say "wahoo-wahoo-yip-yip" they say improve your vocabulary. they say wait in single file, they say "shush, be quiet!" they say "who asked your opinion?" they say "rags to riches." they say " yield, this is a one way road!" they say "never riches to rags, impossible! impossible! unheard of!" they never remember anything, even though they were there.

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