Thursday, June 16, 2011

stay, stay, stay

August 2003! A spree, and the W.A.P
another month of you and possibly me
W.A.P stands for wild animal park, if you don't remember-
the way you forgot to count the months till November.
When we shared a bed, in the blistering heat--
You ignored those new blisters all over my feet-
barking, tired from walking alone.
Choking, dehydrated, yet chilled to the bone-
my car overheating no insurance, registration
now I have to wait for the train at your station.

See, here...
there is a sea here
it's here every year
dear, it catches every tear
it drifts too far and little too near

it's sullen, and blue,
and it whispers "I do-"


"Hey, whatdya say...
Could ya Stay, Stay, Stay?
maybe we could make it for a day."

Maybe we could make it.
I guess in the mean time we'll just have to fake it.


  1. As always, your descriptions place me in the middle of every scene. The energetic rhyming scheme in this poem accentuates every emotion. Love it!

  2. Yes, I feel tossed into a story, like a sloop on the sea wondering how it will all end~


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