Friday, May 18, 2012

I said goodbye

there is a positive word here somewhere and if you are the sort who is repelled by the positive I suggest you sit elsewhere, to avoid being knocked to the floor. I'm sorry the cushion beside me was misleading yes it was once lumpy and sunken in and I am still the person with an open ear, but beware it is beginning to leak. I have many things to say and contribute, I meditate now with my mouth open I am chanting, chanting, chanting, reminding myself how to finish a sentence. I've tried to use symbol and sounds before but it's fallen on deaf ears. Symbols sometimes crash louder than cymbals. Cymbals sometimes crash louder than symbols. I need to be quiet and stop rhyming. I need to be loud and start chiming! my heart is still broken, but I am putting it back together, slowly, slowly, slowly. and we had our final words, we shall never speak again. my words are now worth more than you, I have seen no return on them yet, but I know they are worth more. I said goodbye, you don't remember even though you were there. I said goodbye.

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