Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Me first, bullshit second

I am unique.

"Fellow" Christians:
I am a Christian but I DON'T buy into your right wing bullshit.
Think. Then Speak.

My"atheist" friends:
I am Christian, but that doesn't mean I am automatically pissed at you if you are not.

In fact that's even more reason for me to befriend and get to know you and love you.

Not doing so would go against what *I* believe.

I also believe in freedom of speech and have a sense of humor.


Say what you want about Christianity, it won't offend me. I will
most likely agree with you. I find it unfortunate that foolish
people even exist, but it's a fact. On both sides.

Let's discuss it.

My ears and mind are open. I am me first, bullshit second.

Don't get upset and make it personal. If you think I am Christian because
I am delusional and believe a lie, good on ya.

I think I believe what I do because I think critically and I am
an individual.

I am me first, bullshit second.

Don't forget I am me. I didn't forget you were you.

And I still love you.

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