Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Invention of Play

The ache in my jaw reminds me
of my age, that I'm
still cutting teeth on
broken sage and giving up
meat is my best bet,
because I'm not a dark
horse in the running yet.

Comedies, Histories, Tragedies
it's all the same-
since the invention of the game

-since the pretenton of the working day.
Since the invention of play.
Bright lights flash, and another cliche
and then another, let's call it a day.

Whatever did people do without paved walk
Whatever did they do without small talk
Whatever did they do without broken chalk
I'd say their day was still pretty full
Without all the stupid push and pull
Without all that pointless bull.

Children ran through the fields, wild and free,
that's what they told me, that's how it used to be
I wasn't sure, but I trusted it--
but they are all gone now, no one left to aquit.

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